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Vibe Drums from Pentarrow: A drum to hang on to

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About the Vibe Drum

The Vibe is the only instrument in the world with both (patent in process) tuned center note and a slim profile for easy transportation.This unique design provides a hybrid sound, similar to that of a  “Hang Drum™” from “Panart®” or other Tank or Handpan Drums, yet offers more notes and is a more portable and user-friendly instrument.

Created using nine-notes, the Vibe Drums are typically tuned to Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales to ease the playing techniques and produce harmonious tones, and are arranged so that each note has its octave adjacent to it. This simple, logical and harmonically-beneficial layout makes the Vibe Drum the easiest and cleanest steel tongue drum available. Additionally, Vibe Drums have been made in various custom scales including: Integral, Akebono and Pygmy.

We have created an original patented layout unique to the Vibe which maximizes playability, harmonics, resonance and beauty. Since each “tongue” is a tuned note and layed out in a circular pattern, learning to play the vibe is easy because no matter which note or notes you play it all sounds GOOD!!!

The drums are made with love by hand from beginning to end.

Go Play! Feel The Good Vibes!

Single Vibe

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VibeDrums - Austria / Switzerland / Germany

We are PentArrow and we introduced the “Vibe Drum” to the European market back in 2009 because of our love for this drum and the belief that you will love it too. Our customers come from all walks of life and have purchased the drums for a variety of uses such as; relaxation, massage, stress reduction, meditation, trance, energy healing, to expand the percussion section of various bands (Rock, Eastern, etc) and to just have Fun!!. Our company is based in Vienna, Austria and in Mesa Arizona and is run by an American-Austrian team.

Double Vibe Drum on stand


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