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Vibe Drums from Pentarrow: A drum to hang on to

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A Drum to Hang on to

Vibe Drum, Hang Drum, Hapi Drum information

The Vibe Drum® is not the same as the Hang Drum™ from Panart® or  the Hapi Drum™. The Vibe Drum® is more similar to the Hapi Drum™ in size and sound. However the Vibe Drum® is slimmer and lighter than the Hapi Drum™. In addition the  Single Vibe Drum has 9 tuned notes for playing whereas the Hapi has eight.

The Vibe Drum is smaller and  lighter so it is easier to transport than the Hang Drum™ from Panart® which is quite large in diameter and thickness.  However  the Hang Drum™ does have a very distinguishable sound and it is louder than the Vibe Drum.

Due to the Vibe Drums compact size we have found a therapeutic use for the drum by placing the drum on the patient in various positions and striking the different notes to transfer various vibration frequencies into the patient. For more information about “Vibe Drum Massages” go to www.vibedrummassage.com

Vibe Drums® in Europe are available from www.vibedrums.eu

Hapi Drums™ can be found at www.hapitones.com

Hang Drums® can be found at  PANArt Hangbau AG Engehaldenstr. 131 3012 Bern/Switzerland